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Day 4, Session 2

Today we got up early and did yoga on the porch before our morning swim. It was short and sweet! Afterwards, we all went swimming in the lake. Chloë cooked breakfast while the girls got dressed and made their beds. We did our routine morning house clean up and got ready for the day.

We split into two groups for our cooking/baking challenge. Each group brainstormed potential ice cream cookie sandwich ideas. We looked through recipe books and made lists of what we needed to buy. Both groups kept their plans very secretive. The girls were very excited!! They had been psyching themselves up since last night!

Before going to the store, we stopped at the post office and mailed some letters home. We then drove to Berry Fruit Farm hoping to get some raspberries. The season was over but they did have fresh homemade donuts so we decided to get some of those. On the drive to the store, the girls learned a song about the Titanic. At their request, we rehearsed it over and over. Once we arrived at the grocery store, the groups split apart and found the ingredients they needed.

When we got home, we started creating our frozen treats. One group worked on their cookies first while the other made their ice cream. Part way through we took a break to cool off in the lake and eat some lunch! The girls were not very happy with Chloë when she told them they still had to have rest time today. They were having so much fun making the ice cream sandwiches that rest time seemed like “a waste of time.”

When rest time was FINALLY over, we continued with the ice cream sandwich challenge. It was a very labor intensive project - we made the ice cream and the cookies from scratch. It took a long time but the girls were very into it!

We tool a break and tie dyed shirts which we will later iron the Camp Chloë logo on. Cookies still had to be baked and ice cream frozen...the sandwiches were not ready yet! The girls then took turns showering and had free time while the counselors cleaned up and prepared dinner.

We ate dinner and tasted our creations. It was a tough call! They were both sooooo good!

After dinner, the groups split up again to write out on a nice piece of paper describing what they had prepared. Our neighbors agreed to judge the finished products and so we wanted them to have something to read.

Dream Team Ice Cream created:

  • Cookie: All natural peanut butter cookie coated with a fine layer of thin dark chocolate.

  • Ice cream: Fresh banana ice cream with dark chocolate speckles.

Delicious Delicacies created:

  • Cookie: Lemon sugar cookie baked to perfection and topped with lemon buttercream frosting, orange zest, and a fresh orange slice.

  • Ice cream: Lavender and local fresh blueberry ice cream swirled with a hint of lemon.

We sat together in the living room and read Nancy Drew with the fan on high blowing cold air straight at us. A little while later, everybody brushed their teeth and got ready for bed so that when we came back from the neighbor’s house, we could go straight to sleep. Once everybody was ready to go see the judges, Chloë quickly put a couple ice cream sandwiches in a cooler and we all ran as fast as we could to the neighbor’s house. It was so hot out still that we didn’t want to risk melting what we had worked so hard on!

The judges were very torn. Each ice cream sandwich had different tastes and satisfied a different craving. In the end, it was too close to chose one so they instead told us their favorite parts about each. We were very lucky to have such good judges!

The judges gave us a boat ride afterwards! We went around the lake and saw loons! The girls asked if we could perform our Titanic song and so we did with harmonies and everything! Just as we got close to the dock to get off, it began to pour. Luckily the walk home was short!

The girls got in bed and Chloë read Peter Pan. It was a long day with lots of excitement. The rain continued to pour down as the girls fell asleep...hopefully it will stop by tomorrow but at least the moss and flowers must be happy!


Chloe Rowse