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Day 3, Session 2

The heat recently has made even the hesitant girls join for the morning swim! After cooling off and getting dressed for the day, we ate breakfast on the porch. There were fresh blueberries of course! Everybody helped to clean up the house and then gathered to receive directions for their morning challenge.


A huge bag of recyclables was emptied onto the mossy yard and the girls were given a roll of duct tape and instructions. The instructions were to build a raft that could hold one girl who would have to paddle out to Meredith, who was in a canoe, and “save her.” If they succeeded, we would go get ice cream! They built a masterpiece!

It was still quite early in the morning and the ice cream place wasn’t even open yet so while we waited for 11:00 to arrive, we painted name signs to hang on our bedroom doors at home.

When the time had finally come, we walked into town. On the way we spotted a large loon close to shore. Loons are special creatures who can move in the air, on land, on water, and even UNDER water! They also mate for life and have a beautiful call that echoes across the still lake at night.

Eventually we made it to town - hot and ready for ice cream! Seba claimed she would have rather hiked 2mi up a mountain than the .5 into town. We didn’t all agree with this statement! When we walked into the ice cream store the AC was so cold we all got goosebumps instantly! After eating our ice cream we were ready to enter the heat again.

Luckily the counselors had planned ahead and parked a car in town near the ice cream shop so after eating we could get home quickly and go swimming!

When everybody was cooled down we sat on the porch and had a baked potato bar for lunch. After lunch was a much needed rest time! The raft building and walk into town had drained the girls!

It is a tradition at camp that the Pillow Fairy comes and leaves a treat on every pillow. She only comes if beds are made and luckily they were today!

We decorated utensils with femo clay and read Nancy Drew. A thunder storm rolled in and we watched from the porch as it began to downpour. From the safety of our roof, we watched as several poor boaters got stuck in the sudden rain.

The girls wrote thank you cards to Meredith and we gave them to her. We then said goodbye to Meredith who had come to help for just a few days! After seeing Meredith receive their letters, the girls suddenly remembered they have their own mailboxes and so they checked and found mail from their parents!

After saying goodbye to Meredith, the girls had free time while the counselors made dinner. Just before dinner started, the counselors were surprised with a very funny skit the girls had prepared during their free time. We ate burritos for dinner and then once everybody was finished eating, we sat at the table and watched the counselors put on a skit. The girls found it so funny that they too put on the same skit after!

In order to sleep more comfortably, we went for one more swim before changing into pjs. Chloë made the girls tea and they sat around and drew in their journals and read Nancy Drew. Chloë was planning to read more but the girls requested to go to bed and so before the light had fully disappeared outside, they were already cozy in bed falling asleep. It was another great day here at the lake!


Chloe Rowse