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Day 5, Session 2

This morning was dreary but luckily as the day went on it cleared up. We ate breakfast, did our morning clean up, and got dressed.

For snack today we made soft pretzels. First we made the dough and then we had to wait for it to rise. While it was rising, we put our remaining ice cream cookie sandwiches together. We also painted glass bottles which Chloë then baked to seal the paint on. Next, we opened up our tie dyed shirts to see how they came out. They looked very good!!

When the dough had risen long enough, we shaped our pretzels and baked them. By the time we finished shaping our second pretzels the first ones were ready! We ate snack outside as dark clouds rolled in. It began to downpour and then cleared up minutes later just as quickly as it had started! Once our bellies were full we went to the post office to check for mail. We also stopped at the store to pick up ingredients for making homemade pasta and chicken parmigiana tonight!

When we got home the girls went swimming and then ate lunch. It was a grilled cheese and tomato soup kind of day! After lunch was rest time.

When the girls got up from rest time they were given a clue and began a scavenger hunt! The scavenger hunt ended with them jumping in the water and swimming out to Chloë in a canoe with a special treat!

They were a bit tired afterwards and so we settled down and each girl got a hair wrap and painted nails! They were amazed by how small a braid Chloë could put their hair into!

We then began the process of making pasta. First the dough had to be made and kneaded for 10 minutes. The girls then had free time before dinner. During this time they came up with several good pranks and played them on the counselors. After the pasta dough had rested for 45 minutes, it had to be rolled and cut.


Finally dinner was ready - fresh homemade pasta with homemade chicken and eggplant parmigiana! The girls ate more than we have seen them eat all week!!

In the freezer were still several frozen treats from our competition yesterday so we each ate one of those to finish off our homemade meal! They made quite the mess...

Once we had all washed the melted ice cream off our hands, we sat together to paint detailed mandala candle holders. It took a lot of patience and a steady hand!

Next, we created essential oil blends and put them in glass roll-on bottles. Each girl chose what they wanted their aromatic blend to do - it could help them relax, sleep, focus, energize, etc. We mixed the specific essential oil scents that had the desired effects.

The last part of everyday is our bedtime routine. This consists of drinking tea and reading. Tonight we read Peter Pan. It is sad to think tomorrow is our last full day!


Chloe Rowse