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Day 2, Session 2

Today was HOT. We started and ended the day with a swim (and a bunch in between!). Chloë made pancakes for breakfast and the girls ate way more than the older girls did last week!


After breakfast we put together trail mix bags and set out for a morning in the mountains. We hiked up a short trail to a beautiful view and ate our snack. Then, we went a little further to an even more incredible view with wild blueberries! It is unclear what exactly happened here but the girls decided there needed to be revenge on the counselors. This consisted of several pranks in the afternoon, which didn’t actually fool the counselors because the girls started laughing too soon!

On the hike down, we discovered that Meredith has a secret talent: she can make a delicious lemon cheese cake. We decided to stop at the store on the way home and pick up ingredients so that Meredith could teach us how to make it. She was a great teacher and she even knew the recipe by heart!

We went swimming in between most of the activities in order to cool off and be able to focus on what we were doing. After rest time, we made tissue paper flower bouquets! We also hammered nails into a wooden frame to create a loom that we will use later to weave. We then went swimming AGAIN and the girls made the counselors tasty “water food,” which consisted mostly of sand, leaves, and water. We also played a game of don’t let the ball touch the waterand we tried to see how many hits we could get in a row! 

As usual, we cooked dinner over the fire. We had burgers and corn on the cob! It was a delightful summer meal.

The sunset tonight was very dramatic! We got in canoes and paddled down the lake to get a better view. Wilson lake sure is beautiful especially when the mountains are only a silhouette with a backdrop of orange and pink light!

To end the evening, we sat together and read Nancy Drew and drank tea. Everybody was very tired again!


Chloe Rowse