Program Blog

Day 1, Session 2


The girls arrived this morning and after setting up their belongings and saying goodbye to parents, we sat on the dock and ate warm banana bread that Marijke had made. We played a game with M&Ms to get to know each other a little better. It was so hot and the water was so tempting that we had to go swimming after!

We then ate lunch and planned our meals for the rest of the week. The girls were given the responsibility at the grocery store of finding all the food on the list. They did very well! After we had what we needed, we drove to the Wilton Blueberry Farm and picked a TON of berries. It was fun but very hot and we were sweating by the time we left. Of course we had to go swimming again when we got home!

Once we had floated in the lake long enough to sufficiently cool off, we got out and said goodbye to Marijke who is going back to college. We will miss her a lot here! We then went inside to make pizza dough for dinner. The dough had to rise for an hour and so while it did, we sat on the porch and bound our journals that we will use this week. It is fun to have a friendship bracelet to work on during down time so we started making these too!

The girls then had time to relax and get their bed area organized while the counselors got dinner ready to make. Each girl got to stretch her own personal pizza and then go outside and cook it over the campfire. They were so delicious we may have to make them again another night...

What is a campfire without s’mores? As one girl said, “you can only make s’mores for so many weeks in the year so you must take advantage of it,” and so we made s’mores for dessert!

It was such a hot day that we decided to go for one more last swim to cool off before getting ready for bed. Our plan was to then hang out on the dock and read Nancy Drew until the Wilton Blueberry Festival fireworks started, but we got a call from a neighbor inviting us to go out on their boat and watch them from the middle of the lake. We happily accepted the invite! We played a guessing game, identified constellations, laughed (a lot), and talked until the fireworks started. The girls would have fallen asleep right then and there on the boat if they fireworks hadn’t been so loud and so they were happy to get back to the house after and get in bed! They went to sleep immediately! It was a great start to this second week here in Wilton!

Chloe Rowse