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Day 6, Session 1

Today was the first ever Camp Chloë Olympics!! After breakfast, the girls split into three teams to change into uniforms and prepare their country’s song. They all decorated their faces with glitter that stayed on all day! Each team then performed their song, which they had written and memorized, in front of the whole group.


The olympics included all different kinds of challenges. There was trivia, choreographing/dancing, swimming for speed, swimming while holding a paper that couldn’t get wet, eating food with no hands, recreating an image with one partner blindfolded and the other directing them what to do, a “moo off”, and more! The girls were very tired and hungry when lunch and rest time came!

In the afternoon we painted large canvases and made an apple crisp for our celebratory final Thanksgiving/Olympic feast. We also sewed our own loofas!

Before dinner the girls took showers, changed into nice outfits, and decorated crowns to make the evening feel even more special. We lit candles and sat around the dining room table for one last dinner together!


After dinner we made bracelets and finished weaving the baskets we had started earlier in the week. The girls were sad that they wouldn’t be able to swim in the lake after tomorrow so we decided to do one more evening swim. Everybody put their pjs on afterwards and we gathered in the living room to finish reading Nancy Drew.

Like normal, the girls had some time to themselves before Chloë turned the lights off. They usually use this time to read to themselves, read quietly to each other, draw, or work on bracelets in bed. When Chloë finally turns the lights out, some turn on their small battery powered candle as a night light. With the windows open, they fall asleep to the sound of loons and crickets every night. It is a beautiful noise to doze off to...

This week has flown by. It feels as though the girls arrived two days ago...we will sure miss them here!!

Daily riddle (final answer): JK, rolling. (like J.K. Rowling who writes Harry Potter)

Chloe Rowse