Program Blog

Day 5, Session 1

A lot happened today and I am very tired writing this...the girls are all asleep and I am having a hard time remembering what we did! I will try my best.

  • Made soft pretzels for snack

  • Canoed down the shore of the lake

  • Went swimming

  • Took a boat ride around the lake and saw parts we had never seen before

  • Rolled beeswax candles

  • Split into teams and did a scavenger hunt which ended with Jane and Meredith jumping in the water in their clothes to save time to get the last clue.

  • Painted candle stick holders inspired by mandalas

  • Prepared for our olympic challenges tomorrow

  • Made Femo clay wrapped utensils

  • Untied our tie dye to see how it came out!

  • Ate a gourmet breakfast for dinner

  • Made popcorn over the fire

  • Read Nancy Drew while doing each other’s hair

Chloe Rowse