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Day 6, Session 2


Today was the last full day! Chloë woke the girls up by asking who wanted a popsicle. The answer was obviously yes! We sat on the dock and ate popsicles made of blueberries, banana, mango, strawberries, yogurt, and orange juice. It was an exciting treat to eat a popsicle before even having breakfast! It was then time for our morning swim.

We ate breakfast on the porch and then did our morning clean up. Once we finished cleaning, we sat together on the porch and beaded while Chloë read. We used seed beads which can be quite tedious but the girls were patient and made bracelets that connected into a ring.

Next, we rolled beeswax candles to put in our candle holders that we painted the other day. We used natural beeswax for the base of the candle and then rolled on different colored wax to create designs. 

It was a bit cooler today than it has been but the girls were still eager for swim time. For lunch we had falafel, hummus, cucumber, apples, and grapes! We sang a traditional camp song called “Down by the Bay” and the girls came up with some very creative rhymes...

After rest time we went to the post office to mail some letters and check to see if anybody got mail. We were so close to the ice cream store and today was the last day of camp so we all got a tiny treat!

When we got home we ironed logos onto our tie dyed shirts and then took a group photo. In order to display this photo at home, we painted frames for it!

The next activity on the schedule was so exciting to the girls that they asked Chloë repeatedly what time it was and how much longer until they could do this - the activity was learning how to build a fire. We needed a fire in order to cook our pizza for dinner so this was an important job and they took it very seriously!

Once the fire was built, we had one hour before the coals were ready to cook over. During this time we made the pizza dough, took showers, and had free time. Finally the dough had risen long enough and the fire was ready to cook over! We stretched our pizzas and headed outside to cook. Pizza over the fire is a truly delicious meal!!

We sat by the fire and tried to make popcorn over it but ended up with burnt kernels. Instead, we danced around and then went swimming. Our chipmunk friend didn’t mind the burnt popcorn!

It was then time to begin our bedtime routine. First the girls wrote thank you notes and then put their pjs on and gathered for tea and reading. Chloë read Peter Pan until the sun went down and then the girls got in bed.

As Chloë was tucking them in, she noticed they had polaroid photos of each other on their bedside tables. When she asked them what these were, they said they took the photos because they will miss each other. It was a very sweet moment to witness.



Chloe Rowse