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Day 2, Session 1

An hour before our day at camp started, Marijke got up and swam across the lake. After Chloë’s long hike in the woods, she decided to introduce a new rule for counselors. Every counselor is required to exercise outside at some point during the day. Moving around and being in nature is so important and helps us stay patient and calm when things get crazy (which happens in a good way at camp!)!!

The girls woke up and took a morning dip in the lake before eating some delicious pancakes made with chocolate chips and blueberries that we picked yesterday.  We made sandwiches for our picnic later and each girl also made a bag of trail mix from our “trail mix bar”.

We got in the cars and headed to Center hill for a nature walk and picnic lunch. The girls take turns being the DJ and playing music for the car. We were unsure what kind of music they would like so we required all music be approved by a counselor before adding it to the playlist. To our surprise, we ended up with the Willy Wonka theme song, Caillou theme song, Doc Mcstuffins theme song, and some other childhood favorites ALL ON REPEAT.

We stopped along the way at a lookout over Webb Lake and managed to fit some wild blueberry picking into our schedule. The loop up Center Hill is relatively short so we went around once and then up to the lookout again and found some shade for lunch. Chloë brought the Nancy Drew book and we read aloud.

The afternoon was much more relaxing and a perfect balance to the day! Meredith led us in a yoga class and then we cooled off in the lake. The girls LOVE rest time and when we went to their rooms to check on them they were sound asleep! We eventually got them out of bed with the promise of banana ice cream - frozen bananas, coconut milk, and vanilla, all blended together with a spoonful of peanut butter and a couple chocolate chips on top!

This treat gave the girls some energy and they were ready for the next activity! Half the group sat on the dock and learned how to weave baskets with Chloë, while the other half made a prolific number of bangle bracelets with Marijke.

The girls then painted clipboards (which are used for making friendship bracelets) and tool turns helping Chloë in the kitchen. We made pizza dough, blueberry pie, and blueberry fruit leather which we will take on our hike later in the week.

We ate the most incredible pizza ever for dinner tonight. Lily, who is from NY, was quoted saying “this is the best pizza I have ever had in my life. It is better than NY pizza.” We made the dough and let it rise for an hour and then stretched it and cooked the pizza over the campfire outside. It took some time but was definitely worth it!! To top it off the girls got to pick between s’mores or blueberry pie for dessert!

We had a post-dinner spa time with honey and oatmeal face masks and then at the girls request, we went swimming again. As usual, we finished the night off with a few chapters of Nancy Drew!



Chloe Rowse