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Day 3, Session 1

Today’s post was written by Meredith with help from Jane and Rosie.


It’s Harry Potter‘s birthday!

We woke up to Chloë marching into the room (trying to wake us up for the third time) and we finally woke up and started the day.

Then, we had breakfast: cereal with blueberries (expect Rosie who had plain cereal with no milk and no blueberries).

After breakfast we did our daily clean up. After cleanup we designed a logo to silkscreen. We also made blueberry muffins.

We tie-dyed shirts and fabric for bags that we will make later in the week.

We ate a gourmet snack of blueberry muffins and pretzels. (Some pretzels were given to fish in the lake)

Chloë gave us a clue that basically meant that Marijke is in the boat with brownies and we had to make a boat out of recyclable materials to get to her.

We sacrificed Lily to go on the homemade raft and reach Marijke. The raft was successful for a little bit but Rosie Meredith and Lena had to save Lily by running into the lake to push her.

We went swimming after and then had a baked potato bar for lunch with toppings such as cheese, corn, salsa, sour cream and optional: grapes.

After lunch we had rest time which included napping, reading, drawing, bracelet making, and other quiet activities

After lunch we painted glass bottles for our “ zero waste kits”

We made barefoot beaded sandals without soles for our feet meanwhile some people made chocolate chip cookies or had hair wraps or henna.

After that everyone took a shower and played Apples to Apples (which Rosie won)

We planned our trail magic trip for Wednesday (more about that on wednesday...) and we had dinner which was pasta bar. There was pasta with your choice of red sauce meatballs or no meatballs Alfredo sauce and a salad with carrots. We ate by the campfire and had s’mores after. Later painted frames for our camp chloe pictures

Then we sat by the lake and made bracelets of good luck for the hikers we will meet tomorrow at trail magic. We read Nancy Drew and drank tea together before going to bed.



Good night from Camp Chloë’

daily riddle: how did harry, ron, and hermione get down the hill?


Thank you Meredith for writing!!


Chloe Rowse