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Winter Craft Weekend 2018

The Winter Craft Weekend came and went too quickly! 


We packed so much into one weekend...the girls arrived after school on Friday and had warm banana bread waiting for them. We packed up the car and drove to Wilton. Each of the girls got a Camp Chloë hoodie to stay warm during the weekend! Once we arrived at the house, the girls got setteled and played some games by the fire while we made dinner for them. After dinner we roasted marshmellows in the wood stove and made s'mores. We then went ouside (it was a beautiful night!) and walked out on the frozen lake. There were a couple inches of fresh snow over the ice and although it was not yet the right consistency for making snowmen, we had hope that tomorrow would be better...

We packed a TON of activities into Saturday and Sunday but were still able to find plenty of time to relax. Some of the things we did were:

- Knit winter headbands to stay warm

- Built a snow fort

- Drew in the snow with water and food coloring

- S’mores

- Lit sparklers  

- Window art 

- Baked cookies

- Hommade lotion bars

- Essential oil blends - we made different ones for sleep, energy, stress, fatigue, allergies, and focus

- Sewed a case for our essential oils

- Photo shoot in the snow

- Baked blueberry muffins

- Made lunch on a camping stove in our fort in the middle of the frozen lake! 

- Popcorn

- Spa time - we did face masks, face scrubs, face steams, foot soaks, and Chloë even gave the girls foot massages! 

- Hommade pizza

- Board games

- Relaxing by the fire

- Wrote encouragment letters to each other, which Chloë later mailed

- Designer challenge - each girl was given a big piece of fabric-like material and had to come up with their own outfit using only one roll of tape and scissors. We had a fashion show at the end 😊 


It was a packed weekend!! Thank you to the girls who came! It was so much fun and I look forward to runing more programs like this in the future!


Chloe Rowse