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Day 3 Camp Chloë Wilton

It was raining this morning when we woke up but the girls were still brave enough to go for a morning swim. Lena, Sophie, and Meredith have consistently been the first to go under!

Marijke made us all pancakes for breakfast and we ate them with fresh raspberries we picked yesterday. Zoe came to join us today and Marijke left for a day off.

The girls have recently come up with the idea that "flying leeches" exist so after breakfast we made our own bug spray to keep them away.

Together we made blueberry muffins for snack! 

At night we have been reading Nancy Drew and last night we read about Nancy's boat filling with water and almost sinking. Today, I gave the girls rope, duct tape, and a bag of recycling (full of bottles, plastic bags, and egg crates) and challenged them to build a raft. They had to pretend their boat had sunk and they needed to reach land. Audrey and Seba were quick to start building and made a sail out of a plastic bag and a stick! They were all very clever with sticks and bottles and successfully built something that could keep one girl afloat. Afterwards they wanted to swim so we went in again.

The house we are at is built into the side of a hill and stays very cold in the summer and so after our swim we had a fire in the wood stove to warm up and worked on our friendship bracelets.

After lunch we had an "orange juice" ceremony and the girls decorated a throne for Rosie to sit on and taste orange juice. This was not originally part of the plan for the day but it excited the girls so we decided to do it! We also cracked a coconut which several of them had never tried before!

Later in the afternoon we started cutting out fabric for lavender eye masks (which we will finish later in the week) and painted the backs of the clipboards we are using to make our friendship bracelets.

The girls have been loving rest time recently so we wove several of those into the day too :)

In the late afternoon we sat on the dock we painted our nails and put henna on our hands. We then went for our third swim of the day and got ready for dinner.

Chloë and Rob made dinner while the girls played games.

We had a corn eating contest at dinner - who could clean their corn cob the best. Chloë, Lena, and Sophie were the final contestants with barely anything left on their ears of corn! In the end, Chloë got the most votes and ended up winning! We had the same contest last night and Chloë and Seba tied but we then went on to have a mooing contest and Seba won with the best cow moo.

After dinner Meredith lead us in some sunset yoga and then we made popcorn over the fire together. The girls requested another swim before bedtime! Yasmine was the first brave one to go in this time!

We put lifejackets on and floated in the water to see the sunset. If we swim 20 yards out from the dock there is a BEAUTIFUL view of the mountains at the end of the lake.

Once we were cold enough we got out of the lake and put our pjs on. We sat together in the living room and Chloë read while the girls drew in their journals. It was a great end to a busy day!

Raft building

Raft building

Orange juice ceremony  

Orange juice ceremony  

Tasting coconut

Tasting coconut

Chloe Rowse