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Day 6 Camp Chloë Wilton

We woke up this morning to thunderstorms so unfortunately we could not go swimming. Marijke made us breakfast and we sat together in our pjs reading Nancy Drew.

After breakfast, the girls got dressed and we began our morning clean up of the house - making beds, sweeping the porch, watering the plants, and getting organized for the day. Towards the end of our clean up, we noticed that Marijke was missing. We could not find her anywhere in the house and after several minutes of searching, we found a note she had left. The first note led to a clue and then that one led to another clue! After about half an hour of searching for clues and making sense of them, we found Marijke sitting in the truck.

The theme of today was reading Nancy Drew. We incorporated reading into everything we did. The girls were determined to finish our Nancy Drew book before they went home. Once we had found Marijke in the truck, we sat together on the porch and painted frames while Chloë read. By this time the thunderstorms had passed and the sun was coming out so we decided to go swimming. Seconds before we jumped in the water, Sophie lost her tooth!

For lunch we had a make-your-own baked potato bar. The girls had fun creating their own meals. After lunch we had an extended rest time - many of the girls even fell asleep! Rest time concluded with a brief attempt to clean up our rooms and get packed to leave tomorrow. We listened to music and danced a bit while packing. When there wasn't much more we could do, we stopped and made apple crisp together for dessert tonight. The girls then wrote thank you notes for Marijke and Rob and we began our prep for dinner.

We planned to have a fancy Thanksgiving dinner for our last night together. In order to make the dinner feel even more special, we decided to make crowns, menus, and name tags. We decorated the table with lights, dressed up, and did our hair!

Finally after 5 days of camp, the counselors perfected serving sizes and the girls came back for fifths! The girls came up with the idea of the meal and we had a lot of fun turning it into a reality for them. We drank sparkling apple cider and made several toasts. The main course consisted of: chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, and cranberry sauce. For dessert we had apple crisp with ice cream that we had made the day before. The counselors even received "tips" from the girls for all their work! 

After dinner the girls were full of energy from a combination of excitement and dessert! Meredith once again lead us in a yoga class in the living room. From the kitchen where the counselors were doing dishes, the yoga sounded mostly like laughter. We then went for a short walk and played sharks and minnows. Chloë was very happy about how much fun they were having but wanted to find a way to calm them down for bed time! After running around and playing for a little while, we all went swimming and then got ready for bed. We sat together in the living room drinking tea and shared some of our favorite parts of camp. Of course we had to finish Nancy Drew too! We had to wake up early the next day to leave so Chloë helped the girls prepare for the morning and then tucked them into bed. It was a wonderful last day of camp!



Chloe Rowse