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Day 5 Camp Chloë Wilton

As usual we woke up and went for a morning swim. Marijke made us all breakfast and we sat on the porch and talked about our dreams last night.

After breakfast, Chloë read (at the girls request) and we ironed logos onto our tie dyed shirts and hats. For snack we ate a big watermelon! Once everybody had put the logos on and signed each others shirts, we took a group photo. Of course we had to go swimming again after!

We made a taco bar for lunch and planned a fancy Thanksgiving dinner for tomorrow night for our last meal together. 

The girls wanted an extra long rest time today and for the first time this week, several of them even fell asleep! After rest time the girls were split up into two groups, given some vague instructions, and received a clue.

They had to find 5 balloons and pop them to find a letter inside. Once they had all the letters, they had to put them together and figure out what they spelled. The word was "crown" and they were challenged to make a crown out of anything they could find outside. The crowns were then judged by the counselors and a winner was selected. The winning team received 10 extra seconds for the next challenge. The last challenge was to collect a bottle that was floating about 15yards out in the lake. While some of the girls ran jnside to change into their bathing suits, Meredith realized the urgency of the situation and threw on a lifejacket and jumped into the lake in her clothes! All of them wanted to go swimming after that! Marijke surprised the girls by slipping into the lake a few yards away and then swimming underwater to where they were swimming. Even before Marijke poped up out of the water the girls suspected something because Chloë was smiling!

Later in the afternoon we finished sewing our lavendar eye masks. Several of the girls were wearing them to bed when I said goodnight earlier! While sewing on the porch we suddenly were hit with a torrential rain storm. We moved inside and decided to make ice cream to have for dessert later.

Rosie suggested we have dinner for breakfast but instead we voted on breakfast for dinner. We had fruit salad, eggs, bacon, english muffins, french toast, coconut, and OJ!

Chloë was a bit worried about giving the girls the ice cream they made because they had a TON of energy. Meredith decided to lead us in an impromptu yoga class. The poses were all her own original poses including "beached whale" and "unhappy baby." After this yoga break, they were calm enough that the counselors deemed it safe to eat ice cream.

We sat by the fire and read and drank tea to relax for bed time. We are all very sad tomorrow is our last full day!!

Chloe Rowse