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torres del paine, chile

October 13th, 2017

I am currently in Patagonia trekking with my friend Libby! We have some exciting adventures ahead! We have just finished trekking in Torres Del Paine (Chile).


I saw my first glacier - Grey Glacier! In order to see the glacier better, we hiked 2hrs extra from our campsite and were able to look out over the glacier. It was huge!! Just as we entered the woods on the way back to camp we heard a loud boom - at first we thought it was thunder but then quickly realized was the glacier calving! We ran to try and get a view out of the trees but we missed it. We also heard several avalanches throughout our week long trek but didn't see any of those either! We are determined to see one.


The weather was BEAUTIFUL the whole time until the last day when it snowed a ton! By the time we reached camp we were soaked to the core and shivering. It was still such a beautiful day though! The snow made the wild landscape seem more gentle and we appreciated our sunny days even more 😊


Torres del Paine.jpeg
Largo Grey.jpeg
Chloe Rowse