Personal Adventures


December 13th, 2017

I left Cusco, Peru and had a 31hr journey home. I had some very long layovers and the route was not direct but it got me there eventually! I finally arrived at home in Maine and had a 24hr stopover before heading to India. On the way, I had a 18hr stopover in Amsterdam and was able to see some old friends before continuing my journey to India. Finally after almost a week of being in full-on travel mode, I reached my destination - Goa, India. 


I am taking a yoga teacher training course here and learning so much beyond the physical postures. We have courses in Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga, methods of teaching, philosophy, anatomy, pranayama (breathing), and meditation. We have had silence practice, posture clinics, and classes focused on proper allignment and posture adjustments we can give to students in classes. We have even had several "Satsangs" which are free form discussions where one of our teachers, who was a monk for 8 years, guides us through a discussion on any topic we are interested in.


I have eaten a TON of Indian food. The place where I am staying serves delicious vegan meals for every meal. There are so many flavors!! The beach is a 2min walk away and the weather is perfect. I am meeting like-minded people and learning from them. It is a very special place to be... 


The studio where we practice...

The studio where we practice...

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Chloe Rowse