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National Charity League - The Importance of Kindness

After hiking 600 miles, the hand written world on a rustic campsite privy said it best: “willpower is greater than strength or agility.” Most thru-hikers on the 2,190-mile Appalachian Trail would agree. When 24 year-old Chloë Rowse started her solo hike in February of 2018, she was prepared for the tough days. What she didn’t expect was the incredible kindness from the strangers that would make the difference between reaching the top of Mt. Katahdin or surrendering to the trials and tribulations of the trail.

Join us for an evening of stories about the generosity of “trail angels” - the good samaritans who support hikers year after year along the Appalachian Trail, helping them persevere through the physical and emotional challenges of their journey.

Earlier Event: June 17
Positive Mentality - North Hill