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I love to travel and have a special connection to the Netherlands, which I am very excited to share with you through this Netherlands abroad program!!

This Netherlands program is an opportunity for young girls to travel and explore the Netherlands from an insider perspective. It is a chance to develop cultural diversity competence at a young age. The program is full of fun summertime activities with the added excitement of being in another country. I will host six girls, ages 10-14 in Amsterdam, flying over with them from the U.S. and back again, 11 days later.  We will integrate into the Dutch culture – biking, going to museums, walking, doing arts and crafts, riding the train, and eating stroopwaffels! I will lead our exploration of the Netherlands from a Dutch perspective.

·       Once we get to the Netherlands, together we will plan and organize several details, including meals, grocery shopping, museum visits, castle and windmill exploration, cheese shops, bakeries, and more!  I know many places to go, and what to do, and will offer some direction but allow the girls to make key decisions.  We will stay together in Amsterdam.

·       We will also integrate arts and crafts, baking, a scavenger hunt, and many simple, fun activities that will help the girls explore and experience the Netherlands in a very special way.

Who can attend?

·       6 girls, ages 10-14.  We will have two counselors (1:3 ratio)

Participants will:

  • Increase understanding of new cultures and the common values that bring all of humanity together.

  • Learn how to travel and find their way confidently

  • Develop curiosity and openness to different ideas/experiences

  • Gain an appreciation and sense of wonder for little things

  • Flex their flexibility and expand their adaptability

  • Gain self-awareness, humility, perseverance, and determination

  • Grow confidence in their ability to explore the world!

  • Develop empathy and the ability to see other perspectives

Where is it?

  • Netherlands – centered around Amsterdam


Basic schedule highlights: 

**Please contact me for a more detailed description of the schedule.

Day 1

·       Fly to Amsterdam!


Day 2:

·       Arrive in Amsterdam

·       Plan meals and grocery shop for week

·       Go over rules, safety, trip objectives, and schedule

·       Chloë will make dinner for the girls while they get to know each other better

·       Early to bed and a good night’s sleep!


Day 3 - 10 highlights:

·       Walking tour of our neighborhood where we will be staying during our time in Amsterdam – help campers get a sense of where we are and orient them to the city.

·       Visit several museums

·      Botanical Gardens – explore butterfly room and carnivorous plants!

·       Make dinner together

·       Write/draw in journals

·       Visit Anne Frank house

·       Canal tour and explore!

·       Rijstaffel – a traditional Indonesian “rice table”. The Dutch have a strong connection to Indonesia and therefore there are some delicious Indonesian restaurants that serve elaborate meals you can only find here!

·       Scavenger hunt (with one adult in each group of three – must get pictures)

·       Foodhallen – this is a local “food hall” where a wide variety of food is sold.

·       Arts and Crafts

·       Biking

·       Zaanse Schans windmill exploration

·       Go to the movies

·       Explore a small town outside of Amsterdam

·       Make Dutch tie-dye shirts!

·       Dinner “top chef” challenge in pairs

·       Vondelpark!

·      Swimming

·       Dam Square

·       Madam Tussauds – this is a very cool wax museum filled with life-size wax replications of famous people.

·       Royal Zoo


Day 11:

·       Fly home!


Please contact me for more information!

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